Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in my consultation appointment?2019-05-21T20:03:08-07:00

Your first appointment will be a chance for us to meet and briefly discuss your concerns in person. This is a chance for you to ask questions of your counselor, as well as get a general sense of how well you think you would work with this person. Remember – one of the most important elements of therapy is how you interact and gel with your therapist!

Can I switch therapists after I’ve already started?2019-05-21T20:03:58-07:00

Of course! However, we would strongly encourage you to discuss this with your therapist – especially if changes can be made in session to better suit your needs. If you would like to change therapists, you can inform your therapist, or email us at info@accent-counseling.com to let us know you’d like to change. Keep in mind different therapists have different availability and schedules.

Do you take my insurance?2021-05-03T11:07:20-07:00

More insurance plans coming soon!

Some clinicians may not be fully paneled with your insurance yet, so if there is a question regarding your insurance, or, if you do not see your insurance listed, please contact us at info@accent-counseling.com to ask us!

What if my insurance isn’t listed? Can I pay cash and get reimbursed from my insurance?2021-05-03T11:09:06-07:00

This is called “Out Of Network” billing and heavily depends on your insurance company’s policies. We are able to accept payment from you, then provide you with what the industry calls a “Superbill”, which is essentially a professional receipt for you to submit to your insurance company, and be paid back directly from them. It is always a good idea to call your insurance company to inquire about “Out Of Network Benefits” before you commit to this method.

Accent Counseling has also started offering services with our wonderful Master’s level interns that offer significantly reduced fees for therapy appointments. Intern therapy appointment fees range from $40 – $60 per session.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?2019-05-21T20:09:01-07:00

No problem! If more than 24 hours in advance, simply log into the client portal and cancel your appointment and request another time. If less than 24 hours advanced notice, we ask that you call our office number at (360) 922-6977immediately upon discovering you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you cancel without rescheduling your appointment within the same week, you may be responsible for the full fee of the session.

If you have a question not answered on this page, please reach out to us!

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